Chapter 4 - part 2

Geraldine took the flowers into the kitchen, plugged the sink and ran the tap, dropping the flowers stem first into the bowl – she would deal with them later. There were more important things to sort out right now. Things had to be arranged. Geraldine looked across at the open report that needed still a few final touches. Work, she decided, would have to wait for now. Fortunately it could, well for two or three days anyway.

First she would phone Richard at ‘A Cut Above’ and book her self in for hair and nails Tuesday afternoon. Then she needed to book a session in the tanning room for before the hair. This afternoon there was just time to get into town for a new outfit, most shops would be shut tomorrow, but first she had to get back on the phone and make the appointments.

“Hi, I’m looking for an appointment Tuesday afternoon.”

“I think madam may have left it a little late. What would madam require?”

“Cut it out Richard, it’s me Geri.”

“Oh, Hi love, sorry, never know for sure who it is. One has a reputation to live up to you know.”

“Yes dear, I know all about your reputation. Never mind all that, I need a good hair-do session. I want to look my best for Tuesday night.”

“Hot date?”

“Now, now Richard. I too have a reputation to live up to, so Mind Your Own Bizwig Richard, MYOB. Look, I’m planning on going to get an outfit later on this afternoon, and a tan tomorrow or Monday morning. Hair and nails I need your salon to do Tuesday afternoon, if you can fit me in, that is.”

“And if I can’t?”

Geraldine sensed that Richard would say no, even if only because she wouldn’t tell him if she had a date or not, and decided a little white lie was called for.

“Snips can, and they are reputed to have a fabulous new Director, supposed to have styled for the Parkinson Show on ITV, or it may have been BBC, I’m not sure.”

“Geri, I’m not stupid, don’t con a con, okay, if you know they have a vacancy, why wouldn’t you have confirmed with them already?”

“Richard, as if I would, or even could, con you. You can make the call yourself if you wish. Stop messing me about, you know I prefer to stay with you as my stylist – I know what I am getting then. Look, can you fit me in or not? If not, just tell me now and I’ll get back to Snips.” “Let me know how good he is Ger – perhaps I’ll see you out Tuesday night and see for myself. You know you can never get same week appointments with anyone. Ciao babe.”