Day One A New Death Dawns

The mole didn’t notice the nick in its skin as it burrowed through the graveyard or the drop of blood that it left on an ancient bone long buried beneath a slab of stone, a stone worn faceless and smooth by centuries of wind and rain, a stone no longer indented with the name of the occupant of the grave. The mole just kept burrowing as it searched for food beneath the soil of the unkempt Gloucestershire graveyard.

A hunger, at first all it felt was hunger, a deep longing for food for sustenance, a hunger, a longing that comes after hundreds of years of abstinence of starvation. A craving so uncontrollable that nothing could have held it back from a hunt for food, nothing would stop it feeding, nothing as trivial as a few feet of earth and a slab of stone as it rose to the surface and stood under a black moonless night and sniffed the air, a scent brought a snarl and quicker than the eye could see it was gone, prey to catch, food to be taken, strength to be regained.

The lad was staggering along the country lane, his stomach full of ale, his steps a stumble more than a walk, his route home pure instinct his brain addled by illicit brews and a dance at a nearby barn where his luck with the girls from the village had been tested and found to fail, and his only solace had been in the glass, now the price was being paid in a stupor. He didn’t register the grip at his shoulder, he just staggered and turned a little as his head was held, his neck stretched, and then blackness.

It felt the strength returning, comprehension flooded its brain and realisation struck, “Alive” it shrieked, “Once more I am alive” as it flung the lifeless body to the ground and stood in the dark lonely lane hands held aloft shrieking and emitting a high pitched call for his family and followers to flock to him, Eldred was back, and he needed to find cover and shelter before the day broke.

An owl tuned its head to look in his direction, a badger ran past as it headed back to its burrow but no-one and nothing else came to him, he stood alone in the lane shrieking and calling, and no one came.

Vanessa Hilt was late going home, her shift at the hospital had run on, a patient dying just before the end had meant having to stay behind to fill in forms, and now she was running late and was very pissed off, driving fast down the lanes to get home to bed. She knew the lanes well and could drive them faster in the dark than the light, knowing she would see the headlights of cars coming the other way in plenty of time to react. She was hurrying as she was on an early and she needed to get some sleep , and hated how these complications always seemed to happen on her quick changeovers, Lates to Earlies barely gave her time to get home and change never mind sleep, she just wished that they would do something with the rotas to eradicate such a stupid arrangement.

As she rounded the bend just up from the old Raddles Mission she barely registered the man standing in the road hands held up high. She slammed her feet on the brakes, the car tyres letting loose with little squeals as the antilock brakes brought her to a stop only inches from the man. The naked man she noticed. She thumbed the button and lowered the car window.

“What the fuck are you doing you fucking idiot” she screamed at him, “ I nearly fucking hit you, you fucking tossing idiot.” She slammed the car back into gear and drove on by, “and get some fucking clothes on, you look very cold by the size of your Dick” she called as she drove by, ‘fucking drunken fucking idiot’ she muttered as she accelerated away.

He stood and watched as she moved away, his mind not able to comprehend what had happened, her mode of conveyance, her screaming at him, the speed of her movement all were at odds with his memories, and until he found his family and was able to feed properly, and thus take on memories and history since he was put to ground, he was disadvantaged and lost, and that could never do, any blood would suffice. In a flash he was behind her conveyance and followed her till she stopped. The lights went off and as she got out of her conveyance he stepped up to her in the darkness, his hand taking hers, and she began to scream as he stretched her neck and bit.

This time he did not drain as he had the boy, he just took the memories in her blood and left a little of himself, she would always be subservient to him now, she was a follower, a thrall, the first perhaps of many until he could find his family, and if they could not be found he would establish a new family. He needed to rest and take on board and understand the strange memories he got from this girl, and he needed cover, her house would be as good a place as any for now.

He held her in his arms, as she stared into a distance, her eyes barely open, her neck showing no signs of the marks he had inflicted, his saliva having quickly healed the wound after his fangs withdrew. “Vanessa” he whispered, her name one of the many things he had absorbed from her memories, “Vanessa, invite me into your home.”

She fumbled in her pocket and pulled out the bunch of house and car keys, “Oh yes, I am sorry, forgive me” her voice slurred and sleepy as she turned towards her house, supported by him she unlocked and opened the door, “won’t you please come in?” No sooner had she spoke than he was in and the door was slammed shut behind them. He now had a different type of hunger to sate.