chapter 3 part 9

The tinny voice from the phone sparked Geraldine into action. She put the phone back into its cradle and walked to the front door, looked through the spy hole and laughed. All that she could see was flowers

Geraldine opened the door to see a huge bunch of flowers with a hand wrapped around the stems, and a big grinning face belonging to Edward.

“I had such a lovely morning that I wanted to thank you personally, and then I thought how useless I am with words, and so I decided to say it with flowers.”

“But how did you find out where I live?”

“Oh I engaged the services of several hundred trained sleuths and demanded that they find the location of the most beautiful mini cooper driving auburn haired golly speaking woman in town.”

“Somehow, I suspect that may not be quite true”

“Gosh, you’ve caught me out in a lie. Actually, it was nothing quite so dramatic, and actually you wouldn’t believe the luck of it. Chap two doors down.” “Roger?”