Day seven, part 2

Although Eldred had her memories and thus knew how to drive, technically at least, Vanessa had no confidence that he would actually be competent behind the controls of anything. She had therefore gone to the hire centre and picked up a mini bus. They would need it for their batch of food donors, the rental clerk had no idea that he had given her the keys to the minibus, and had filled out forms in a completely fictitious name. She planned to get the minibus back well before the end of the day.

After picking up the minibus she had driven past her house, there seemed no sign of activity, her front door was repaired and she doubted her key would work, the police would be sure to have changed the lock. Fortunately her house had a back door she and a back door key hidden in the garden. She pulled up about 100 yards beyond her house, she cut through the field and approached from the rear, moving at her fastest speed, she doubted that she would be noticed even if anyone was looking. She stood for a moment and let her senses roam, satisfied that she was alone, she let herself quietly into her house.

“Sir,” Christine quietly called to Bentley, “the Hilt alarm has gone off.”

Bentley nodded and having failed to mention to the Serious Squad that he had installed an intruder alarm in Vanessa Hilts alarm that sent a silent page when activated, he saw no reason to remember to tell them now. He picked up his coffee cup, threw it into the bin and sauntered through the door. By the time he had go to the car park, Christine was right behind him.

“You drive.” He said as he stood by the passenger door waiting for the ‘blip’ to indicate it was unlocked. “If necessary I can run faster than you at the other end.”

Bones Maccoigh watched as Christine Jackson followed a few seconds after her boss. He called across to Kahn and String. “Follow them, pound to a penny they have gone to the Hilt house, silent alarm.”

Vanessa looked through her house room by room. Everything had been moved, inspected, looked through and, she concluded, probably photographed. She went to her bedroom and got a Staff Nurse uniform from her wardrobe, and another couple of dresses. She didn’t bother with underwear; following the transformation a bra was no longer necessary, and pants just got in the way, her body no longer got rid of waste in the same way as it did when she was human.

There was nothing else she wanted, money was unnecessary, not when you could thrall what you needed, and everything else at the house was just a part of her old life that she had left behind. She went quickly back down the stairs and out he back door, locking it and then re-hiding the key. She didn’t know when she might want to come back for something else. She calculated she had been in her house just under two minutes. Less than 30 seconds later she was at the minibus, and driving away.

She arrived back at the Mansion and unlocked and opened the gates to the driveway, locking them again behind her. Once inside she called to Eldred, “we need to go soon. I will just get changed. A nurse will be more reassuring to the addicts, something they can relate to. I will also be virtually invisible to the staff inside, just another nurse. You wait in the van and do your bit, I will bring them out to you.”

Eldred watched as she undressed and then donned the uniform from her old life. There was no longer a desire when he looked at her, she was transformed and so not food, and as to her body? It was old looking, he preferred younger more lithesome females.

“I’ll drive the conveyance,” he said when she was ready. “Amanda, beautiful,” he called, “keep our host entertained.”

Long John was unsure what to make of the naked girl that climbed onto his lap and turned into a large cat that licked his face. Not able to make any sense of it, his brain just shrugged and he thought of the music that he created in his head, gyrating in front of lights with people, hundreds of people all screaming as he made the sounds. His mind took him somewhere else that didn’t have a fully grown black panther licking his face.

“Okay,” Vanessa said, “but if you haven’t got the hang of it by the time we get to the gates, then I am taking over. You get one chance.”

Eldred looked at the ceiling and sucked his tongue.