Day 9 part 4

“Sir, it is an Avis rental, why the fuck is she driving mini bus to Bristol in a nurses uniform?”

“Jase, if we knew the answer to that we would already have her. Find out from Avis which depot that is from.” Bones responded.

“Already on it” Bentley called, “hang on, it’ll be through in a moment.”

There was an air of expectancy in the room and they were clustering around the map to see where the depot was, all eyes to the north of the map, with full expectation that was were the mini bus would have been hired from.

Bones turned to Gurpindar, “Gur, get onto Frenchey and the other Bristol hospitals. I want Hilt’s picture sent there now, and I want them on the look out. As before, no approaches direct to her, and our line is still that she is a victim, mentally unstable following a vicious assault.”

“Sir,” Bentley called, “it came from Yate, sir. Looks like she is taking it back.”

“Jones, get onto that depot right now, I want to know who it is signed out to, we need to get her alias circulated and tracked, get some locals there now, I want her taken as she hands the thing back, and Chris, get the car, you are driving me to Yate, so get a fucking move on. Gur, you have the shop for now.”

Bones’ phone rang, he listened and then cursed. “Apparently, that mini bus hasn’t been out all day. And when the local uniforms got there, there was no sign and the mini bus was parked in the yard. Avis office logs confirm it hasn’t been out for days.”

“There will be some mistake Sir,” Bentley said, “we are nearly there, it is just off the motorway at this next junction, it is only called the Yate office as that is the nearest town, it is actually a way from Yate itself Sir.”

Bentley pulled into the Avis yard. There was an Area car and a Rapid Reponse already there. Bones went into the office, Bentley across to the mini bus. He felt the tyres and then put his hand behind the tyre and felt the brake disk. He crouched down at the front and put his hand up under the engines, wincing as he brushed against the exhaust manifold. He got up and went across to the office where Bones was hearing from the clerk.

“I tell you officer, no one has been and taken the minibus, it stayed there all day, like I keep telling these other officers, it’s a liability it is hardly out.”

“So, not even moved today then?” Bentley interrupted.

“No, like I said.”

‘So, why, then, did I just burn my self on the exhaust manifold, why is the fron brake disks still hot and don’t tell me it’s been parked in the sun all day.” Bentley looked around the room and pointed to a CCTV camera in the corner.

“Guv,” he said, let’s have a look at some bona fide evidence, shall we. You,” he said to the clerk, “where’s the playback for the camera system?”

The clerk pointed to the office behind. Rapid rewind and there she was. “Well then my man. If the mini bus was not out on hire, perhaps you could tell me what this nurse was bringing back?”

“But, there hasn’t been any nurses in here, I am telling you, that must be an old recording, I don’t…”

Bones took Bentley’s arm and pulled him out of the room. “Wainwright’s problem.” He said referring to the PC that encountered Vanessa Hilt and then subsequently had no recollection of it.”

“Indeed, she must have the ability to spray the drug into the recipients face somehow, concealed in her sleeve or something.”

“True. Get that CCTV back to the base, I want that examined frame by frame. I also intend that we issue a non lethal take down instruction. I want her tasered on sight. We cannot risk losing her, and she patently is a key conspirator, she cannot be considered an innocent any longer.”