Day 9 part 3

Vanessa arrived back with a mini bus, not from the same supplier as before, she preferred to spread the risk. She also planned on visiting a different rehab centre, one a little further away.

“Come on Eldred, we don’t have all day here.” She wished she had the voice and could just make him come and do her bidding, they way had made her do his, but as far as she could tell from his memories, it came with strength, and as a young Vampyre she did not yet have the strength, and she guessed he had only just regained it. She couldn’t even begin to imagine how powerful he would become once fully restored, and she guessed that moment was only a feed or two a way.

“Ah well,” she said to the emply hallway, “it won’t be that long before I am powerful too. Eldred! Hurry the fuck up.”

Rebekah and Christine had been through the whole house top to bottom, and the garden side to side.

“You know what?” Christine said.

“Yeah,’ Rebekah answered, “for a nurse she sure hasn’t got a lot of uniforms.”

“I couldn’t survive with one, that is for sure, and they don’t go to the dry cleaners. That has to be what she came back her for but why? Why the hell does she want a nurses uniform if she on the run. She won’t exactly blend in wearing a nurses uniform.”

Rebekah Kahn snapped her fingers. “Of course she would in a fucking hospital, I bet that’s where she has gone to ground.”

She speed dialled on her phone, “Guv, yeah, it is a nurses uniform. You need to check the hospitals, she is wearing her fucking uniform, I bet she has gone to ground in a hospital.”

Bones called the team into the conference room. “Right, heads up, the girls have come up trumps, we are missing nursing uniform. She has most likely gone to ground where she will feel most comfortable, in a hospital. We need to get copies of all the CCTV from the hospitals and get the FaceRec software on it ASAP. Right, so, I will get the uniforms running around like little blue arse flies doing the collecting, you guys need to get on the phones and get the files copied and ready for collection.”

“Why don’t we also circulate her photo to all the hospitals,” Bentley asked, “say not to approach but report in to us if spotted.”

“I held off on that approach, but I think now is the time we need to do that. I guess I also better start thinking about a press conference.”

“Better tell them she is dangerous.” Bentley said.

“No Chris, we do not say that, we say that she is unstable following a vicious assault and that we are concerned for health. That we do not want to scare her any further and that we want only trained personnel to approach. We will not in any way hint to the press and the public that she is dangerous, I do not want any vigilantism here.” He paused and looked at each and every one in the yes.

“I am serious, and we will also not discuss Ancient DNA man, if any one asks about DNA we simply say the results are being analysed at this time. Right, Chris, I shall want you, as the local man on the Press Conference with me. If in doubt you will simply say the usual holding lines, do I make myself very clear here?”


A uniformed police woman put her head through the door. “Sir, Hilt has been spotted driving south on the M5.”

She hated driving on the motorway and avoided it when possible, but after collecting the four new recruits with Eldred driving and her doing the clinic visit as before, there was little time to get the mini bus back to the hire centre just north of Bristol.

She had not wanted to go back to the same rehab centre, still convinced taking another four so soon would possibly lead to questions, eight suddenly stopping rehab in the same clinic in less than a week may get someone somewhere looking where she didn’t want them to. She had used another clinic that she knew of, but a little further away, and it all added to time. Now the only way to get the minibus back was to go as quickly as possible, and that meant motorway.

She dropped it off and a little thrall and the paperwork disappeared and it was as if the vehicle had never been out. She slipped away from the hire centre and was then rushing as fast as she could back to the mansion, this time taking a straight line cross country, hedges and fences were no barrier to her, she could leap clear over them all. She was back in the mansion in much less time that it had taken her to drive the mini bus back.

Next she had to prepare some of her blood to inject into the food. Tonight, after todays exertions, she would be very hungry and hoped that she could control her self with the sardines, the last thing they needed at the moment was another dead body, that much she knew.