chapter 3 part 5

A few moments, that to Edward seemed an eternity, passed before the various data fields on the screen began to fill. The screen reformatted as more options were added as tabs on the bottom of the screen, some to cross references with other known entrants in the KPD and some with links to still and video picture footage. Edward quickly scanned the front page, eyes darting from field to field. It was all there. With no further need, he ignored the links and other options. Edward terminated his session and logged off. He had his information and his stomach churned as the acid of a conscience took its toll. He needed to make some phone calls. Plans had to be made, especially for Tuesday evening.

The pager quietly hummed in his pocket once more. Suppressing the desire to tut he looked across the top of the newspaper at this wife sitting in the other armchair. He took a sip from his coffee and then excused himself.

“Back in a moment my dear.”

After entering the study and closing the door, he sat in his chair and dialled the duty room once more.

“Hello Natalie.”

“Hello sir. Trader has instigated a search sir.”

“On the source?”

“Yes sir. Oh and the source is known to us sir and we have also ensured additional methodologies are in place.”

“Very well. Keep me informed of developments.”

He sat and pondered. The vagueness of the telephone conversations was not unusual. Only what needed to be said was said and gaps filled themselves in through years of experience. If alarms would need to be raised they would have been and matters quietly put in hand. It seemed that things were not yet at that stage. Things were still at an information gathering stage, and extra surveillance was now in place. Although the source was known, it appeared that there were no flags or triggers indicating a watch status. He could return to his coffee with his wife and hope that the evening would not be disturbed by developments.