chapter 3 part 3

There was a disturbing silence followed by the sound of a forced swallow from the other end of the phone. She realised what she had said must have sounded like to her father. “Oh Daddy, don’t think the worst. We met formally on the floor of the post office, after which we went to have breakfast at the coffee shop by the Abbey.”

“On the floor? You know, I don’t think that I can imagine the scene. As well as I know you, this is one that has boggled my mind. I’ll ask your mother to see if she can shed any light on this conversation. Meanwhile, give me the details that you have and I will see what I can find out.”

She read the details to her father from the card that Edward had given her and explained further that they just seemed to be continually bumping into each other lately. Geraldine thanked him, and after clearing the call went back into the kitchen and poured herself a coffee from the percolator. She sat on the bar stool in the kitchen, hands cupping the coffee as she replayed the events of the morning in her mind. It had all gone quite well really, she had managed to strike a conversation up with him, and get him to ask her out. It could not have been more perfect. All she hoped now was that there was no woman – or worse man – lurking around in his life. A criminal or other unsavoury record would not really help either. As she mused, she sipped the coffee, savouring its rich and strong flavour. She so rarely drank coffee when out, it was usually disgusting and she so loved good coffee, choosing to savour her coffee moments in private at home.

Outside the man from the telephone company had resealed the pavement and was packing up his plastic barrier. Once all was safely stowed he locked the back of the van and climbed into the driver’s seat. He made a quick call on his mobile phone, checked the mirrors and drove away. As the sound of his diesel engine faded into the distance, quiet once more descended upon the Mews.