chapter 2 part 6

The stock taking done, it was time for a long glass of cold water. As she turned the tap on to let the water flow, she put her jug under the tap to catch the first, stale flow. Whilst it may not be for her, it was perfect for her potted and house plants, and water was a commodity she did not like to waste. As the jug neared full the phone trilled once more. She put the jug down into the sink and ran across to the desk, bent across and lifted the receiver. As she straightened the curled knot of wire lifted the base of the phone, causing it to swing and hit her right breast, eliciting a slight wince as yes answered.


“Hello Auntie, how are you and how’s work?”

“Oh hi Debbie, I’m just fine, and work is quite busy, and what about you?”

“Great, look, can I ask you a favour, you know, this is a really big favour. I’m not sure that dad would go with it, you know what he is like about your job.”

“Yes love, but I’m not really comfortable with going against your dads’ wishes, what is it that you want me to do?”

“I want you to teach me how to do your work. Can I come with you and watch? It’ll be so cool at school, and the boys will just be queuing up for my services, and I will be able to take my pick.”

“Well I don’t think that is such a good idea, and I can understand why your dad would be worried. Aren’t you a little young for boys and such?”

“Oh bloody hell Auntie. I am fourteen you know, I’m not completely stupid, and I’m so not a child anymore, I am a woman but I am stuck in a society that insists I am not a woman for two more years. It is so unfair. People younger than me have been Queen you know?”

“Yes love, I do know, and look where it got them, heads chopped off and all, no where, that’s where. Why are you so intent on rushing into adulthood, it’s just responsibilities and paying bills and the like?”

“Auntie it’s not all that at all, if I were treated as the adult I actually am, I could go out with men, go out in their cars, see places, and go for meals. I could kiss and cuddle without worrying what dad would say. I could do so much.”

“Yes dear, you could do so much, like get pregnant?”

“I’m not that stupid, I wouldn’t let a man do that to me, eurgh.”