chapter 2, part 4

“Go ahead Natalie; do I need to know who the observer was?”

“No Sir, he is fully up to date with his appraisals and is fully SQEP for this. Both the exerciser and the observer witnessed the events unfold sir.”

He looked at the leather bound clock on his desk. This conversation was already several minutes old, and still he was none the wiser as to who, never mind what.

“Natalie, can we cut to the nub please.”

“Yes sir, sorry sir. The situation occurred in the Royals and in the opinion of those present seemed a little contrived sir.”

The Royals referred to Gloucestershire, a county favoured by the Royal Family and their associates for homes and weekend retreats. At any given moment in time the Royal Protection force were busier in that county than any other on the mainland. Thus the county became known through the various services as the Royals.

“In what way contrived Natalie”

“Well sir contact was made with one of our own, and to be quite honest, it seemed to be straight out of the manual. There was initially a degree of aimless wandering amongst shop aisles with obviously averted eye contact. Shortly after followed a body contact enabling a switch, and finally a meet in an isolated and empty location where covert observation of them would have been exceedingly difficult.”

“I see. Do you suspect our friends or cousins were involved, do you have any idea who the source was?”

“No sir we did not recognise the source. We have managed photographs of the source and this will be crossed with the KPB. All we know is that an unexpected contact has been established.”

“Was there an actual switch made?”

“Impossible to tell sir, but there was a text book manufactured opportunity to do so sir.”

“Who was their target Natalie?”

“I am sorry sir. It is Trader sir.”