Chapter 1 Part 7

The waitress arrived with two plates of bacon sandwiches. Edward cast a critical eye over the sandwiches and was impressed with what he saw. Malted whole grain slices of bread, thickly cut and buttered and then filled almost to overflowing with thick cut bacon, and by the look of it, little in the way of fat or rind. The waitress returned with a bottle of ketchup and a bottle of brown spicy ‘parliament’ sauce.

“Enjoy” she said as she turned and left them to enjoy their food and drinks.

Edward slipped the cotton napkin on his lap, lifted the sandwich and took a bite. He chewed and then swallowed. “Okay. So I still don’t know why.”

“What do you mean, ‘why’?”

“Well as we arrived I looked through the windows at the empty chairs and thought, “How can this shoddy looking cafe survive?’, and now I have had a mouthful of sandwich, I can not understand why the place is not full and heaving with people. It is absolutely delicious.”

“No idea. It’s a treasure though isn’t it? I have been here many times, and it is always full. I have never seen it empty like this before.”

“Perhaps fate has conspired to present us with a perfect moment?”

“Perhaps she has.”

“I think I shall forever have the memories of how we first came to speak and what a momentous first it has been. I tell you, I don’t think I have heard so many ‘gollies’ in such a short space of time. And that Guide Dog was so busy watching for its owner, it did not look where it put its paws and left a big print slap in the middle of my car tax.”

Geraldine hooted with laughter, “No, really? A big print, and now you know why the Police and I were not suited. Only I could make a stupid comment like that in front of a blind man. Golly, I mean, golly what a nitwit.”

“Geraldine, may I just say that you are a loss to the police that they will never know that they need not recover from.”

“Is that nice? Yes it is isn’t it? Sorry I was being a little dense there. That was a lovely thing to say, and I thank you.”

There was an easy silence as they both spent a moment or two savouring the last of their sandwiches. Geraldine took her last sip of Winter Warmer and Edward drained the last of his coffee.

“Look, this has been real fun Geraldine. I’m not really very good at this, but, may I take you out somewhere? You know, see you again, so to speak.”

“Are you mad? Look at me; I’m not exactly Miss World. Now I must ask myself, ‘Do I want to be seen out with someone who as well as being a stalker, must be certifiably mad’?”

“Madame would win many a fishing contest and I am sure beauty contests too were she so inclined.”

“Fishing? Oh I see, as in ‘for compliments’. And you sir are a rogue, charming, but a rogue. In answer to your question; today has been fun, painful, but fun, yes I would enjoy some more of your time. Allow me a moment to consult my diary and see when I can spare some time.”