Day 6 - part 4

DCI Alan ‘bones’ Maccoigh of Serious Crimes was in the conference room along with DCI Adam Hart, DI Chris Bentley, and DI’s Dick Jones, Rebekah Kahn, Jason String and Gurpindar Singh all of Serious Crimes. Bones and his team had come in at CPO Steven Hunt’s instruction, there having been no significant developments during the day. Bentley was a bit pissed off, convinced that no one could have come any closer to capturing the culprits. He had, at Adam Hart’s request, run through all the facts that they had to hand. There was now a general brain storm.

DCI Alan ‘bones’ Maccoigh: What if Hilt is just a victim?

Bentley: Munchausen Syndrome? Gone over to the other side perhaps

DI Dick Jones: The bones in the crypt, what of them?

Bentley: Just regular old bones, they had not been buried in earth.

DI Rebekah Kahn: So we need to get that crypt opened then.

Bentley: We don’t have the equipment available.

DI Rebekah Kahn: Did you ask an undertaker? They are opening and closing crypts all the time.

Bentley: No. Good call.

DI Jason String: Could be more than 2 peeps, chemist, rapist, murderer, all very different pysche’s, unusual is all I am saying.

Bentley: (pointing to writing on white board) what can I say, we think it’s two?

DI Gurpindar Singh: I am thinking one person and am inclined to think Hilt is dead.

Bentley: Two people were seen at the boat house, and at least two sets of prints in the mud and sands by the river.

DI Gurpindar Singh: These would be being the people than ran across a mile of river? This is not sounding realistic my friend.

And so it went on, idea, answer, suggestion, denial or acceptance. After an hour of round robin the only concrete action had been to get the Crypt opened. Bentley was sceptical as to how it would move the investigation forward, but kept his own counsel, no points scored by pissing off the Serious Squad.

Long John Silver wandered his house as if nothing or nobody else was there. He had been wary of the mysterious panther that turned into a woman, he was pretty sure that wasn’t real, but then, it was so difficult to tell what was real and what wasn’t.

Amanda had gone back to see her mother promising to return the following morning. The daily housekeeper had arrived, been thralled and done her usual work and left none the wiser of other people being in the house, she simply didn’t see them.

After all was settled and the housekeeper and Amanda had gone, Eldred turned to Vanessa. “We should feed before the needs grows too much.”

“We shall, I know just the place for tonight, and the tomorrow we will start our harem of food. Come, let’s go.” They left by the front door, leaving a key hidden outside, and he followed her as they hurried to eat. She led him down the long drive from the house to the lane and they easily leapt the wall and headed off down the lane. Soon they came to a short but steep bridge, Vanessa stopping on top and pointing at what was below.

“Ah,” he said, “Perfect.”

“Indeed. Narrow boats all full of couples all waiting to be our food, we can take one tonight, another tomorrow, and so on, and no one will be any the wiser.”

He looked down and counted 12 boats all moored in the water. ”This is not the source of long term food you meant? There is no water at our new house, surely these people would be missed if we took them back.”

“Oh no, this is our interim snack bar. I will show you our new food source later. I used to be a nurse, there are things I know.”

“Dead blood is no good, it has to be fresh otherwise it isn’t food, so none of that blood they use in hospitals., that won’t work.”

“Oh dear, do you think I don’t know that. Just you wait. But now, let’s feed.” They jumped over the bridge landing on the towpath and went quietly from boat to boat until the found one that had both a couple inside and an open door. ‘Open doors are so much quieter’, Vanessa whispered.

“Oh, hello my love,” Vanessa said as she walked down the short steps into the inside of the boat, “I am so pleased to meet you.” In an instant before the man could move she was at his throat. As she fed on his blood she worked at his clothes, freeing him, lifting her dress and mounting him so that she could taste his climax, knowing that if his hardness waned too soon, she will have taken too much blood.

Eldred had moved at the same time as Vanessa and his mouth was at the woman’s throat, her clothes seeming to disappear as he fed, and as he penetrated she screamed briefly until Eldred’s hands forced her underwear into her mouth to silence her.

‘Shit,” she thought, ‘I am going to have to practice that unrobing thing Eldred does, I have almost finished feeding and he hasn’t….’ And then the man climaxed and she sighed deep and the sexual pleasure exploded in her as she tasted the light of his orgasm, and her feed was completed, and she hadn’t killed the man.

As they rearranged their clothing, Vanessa spoke. “They should remember nothing in the morning, and will hopefully think that they just had a good night. There are several more nights feed to be had here before we need return to this boat.”

“Indeed my daughter, you have done well.” Eldred responded, ‘I was right to pick her, she is a good choice as my daughter, we will prosper with her in my family,’ were his thoughts as they left the boat as quietly as they arrived, seeming to any that would care to look unchanged, but with the contents in a slightly different state.

Back at the former rock stars mansion they locked the doors and settled down. Another day in the new era of the Immortal Vampyre had come to a close.