Day Two - Realisation part 3 
Vanessa lay back on a high, her mind a whirl of pleasures, her body feeling intoxicated. His sexual touch had been overwhelming and had left her gasping in the intensity of her orgasms, his bite soporific almost post coital in its feel and his voice carried conviction and command, impossible to ignore, his will seemed simply to impose itself upon her.

She was both appalled and exhilarated. She had been taken against her will by a monster from fiction and her brain railed against the ridiculousness of his story, yet her body exulted in the obvious pleasures he delivered, and soon, he had said, it would all be hers also. He needed only to feed a few times more from her, and then she from him and her transformation would be complete. Her mind would still be her own, he had said, she would still be Vanessa Hilt, but she would be immortal, she would walk the Earth forever, taking what ever lovers she wanted and with a tremendous power of revenge for those that wronged her.

“But this is just stupid”, she had said, “no, you have drugged me somehow, LSD or something, I am hallucinating.”

“No my dear, I have not drugged you, it is as I have said, soon, you too will be able to take who ever you want, soon, anyone will do your will, your bidding.”

“But you came to me in daylight.”

“What of it?”

“Daylight kills Vampyres.”

“It is true that the daylight is uncomfortable, but then your skin would burn exposed to the sun for long enough unprotected, it is simply the same but quicker for me. My food doesn’t tend to trigger the production of melatonins.”

“Well do you need sun screen?”

“I have no idea, I have never tried it, it has only recently been invented, but then, I have no need. Sunlight is a mere inconvenience, a pain if you like, nothing more.”

“Garlic? I love garlic, I won’t be able to eat garlic if you change me.”

“Of course you can. What strange ideas you have.”

“Mirrors, you can’t be seen in mirrors, I wouldn’t be able to do my hair.”

“You must have odd mirrors, every one I have used has always worked perfectly.”

“Tell me you can turn into a bat and fly away from danger.”

“I can no more do that than you can.”

“I don’t understand,” Vanessa said, “everything I know about Vampyres is wrong? Tell me, what will I become?”

Bentley first spoke to the husband, Henry Adams. When he arrived home, did he pass any cars in the lane. Was there a car or vehicle parked near by, did he see anyone in the field as he got home. The answer to all was the same, a dull shake of the head and a quiet ‘no’.

Bentley was a little annoyed. Doc Bailey had given them both sedation to help them calm down, “been a bit of shock for them both, however it pans out” the Doc had said.

“Tell me what you saw when you went into your bedroom.”

Henry looked up at Bentley and spoke as if reading words from a book, no intonation in his voice. “Leanne was laying on the bed, naked, her clothes were on the floor by the bed. She was asleep, and then I looked down and saw the white all around her and the swellings, and I just knew she had been with someone. I felt a knife in my heart.”

“Henry, this is important, were her clothes in a neat pile of just dropped.”

“I don’t know, dropped I guess.” Bentley knew that a neat pile of clothes would indicate intent, anything else either force or passion of the moment.

“Henry, I am sorry, but I do need to ask this, did you have intercourse with your wife this morning.”


“Henry, why did you come home? Had you finished work?”

“I came home to see her, I had a break, I wasn’t far away, I thought I would surprise her.”

‘You sure did that’ Bentley thought. He beckoned Christine over. “Get his statement, everything, before he falls asleep. Bloody Doc.”

Bentley got up and went to sit by Leanne Adams. “Hello Leanne, I must just ask you a few questions, it is important, okay?” He planned the soft approach, deciding to give her the benefit of the doubt, hell of a coincidence that such a similar thing had occurred to two women living so close to each other.

“Okay, s’pose” she said.

“What do you remember of this morning, tell me, everything, nothing is too silly to mention.”

“I was doing the washing, it never seems to end, I have to do it everyday. I looked at the sky, it was cloudy but didn’t look like rain, so I decided I would hang the washing out rather than put it on the airer in the bathroom. Baby was still asleep and I thought I could get it all out before he woke up for a feed. I was feeling very sore and full.” She stopped, and thrust a hand inside her robe, obviously feeling her breasts. Her robe gaped open and she started wailing.

Henry rushed over, “what is it Lee, what is it?”

“My milk” she cried, “ it’s gone, he took my milk.”

“Will I become like you, really like you I mean?”

“No my dear, for I am male and you are not. You will become my daughter, it is how we continue.”

“I won’t get pregnant then?”

“No, you will not, humans that you convert become your children. But this is not something that you will do lightly, as you will live for ever soon there would be no humans left if you converted everyone, and that would mean there would be no food.”

“Will I only be able to take blood, will I not be able to eat normally?”

“There is no need to eat food in the human sense. You body will work differently, it is the old way, we are older than humans, we are the superior beings, the Earth is ours.”

“Why me? Where are the rest of you, if you have been around for ever, then, why do you not live in the open, why do I not know of you?”

“Why you? Because I sensed something in you, you will make a fine daughter.” He did not mention that fact that he needed a remote place to set up, her house was ideal, that was his primary reason, and she was okay enough in other departments, it was fine, he could not delay setting up his new family least he weaken. His strength would grow as his family grew and he would surround himself with fine buxom young thralls for his pleasure.

“But why not live out in the open?”

“Because we are vilified and persecuted through time. We are portrayed as demons, as the walking dead, as carriers of disease, and this is simply not true. We feed, it is true, but only enough to live, we do not drain a human, for what would be the point, once drained they have nothing more to offer, just a carcass to rot. We heal much more quickly than humans, and as my daughter you will never have a day of sickness or ill health ever again, your bones will always heal and mend, but first they will strengthen and be more difficult to break. You will be, after all, immortal my dear”

He took her head in his hands and kissed her, pushing her back and down as he lay on top of her and once more she felt an overwhelming surge of pleasure as endorphins, stimulated by the proteins in his kiss, flooded her brain, and she gasped and arched her back as once more he penetrated her.

They had spoken to both Henry and Leanne Adams and satisfied that the baby was unharmed, they left them in the care of the uniforms. The girls mother was on her way, the drugs the Doctor had administered had left them pretty useless in terms of giving any further insights as to what had happened.

“Take us to Vanessa Hilt’s place” Bentley said. As Christine started the car and reversed away from the beat car and headed further up the lane he spoke again. “Your thoughts?”

“I believe her. It is too near to the first case, too similar, I don’t think she is making it up. The house did not look in any way staged, sometimes people setting a scene pay so much attention to detail that it doesn’t look natural, looks like a scene from the Bill or something. Did the washing dry?”

She had seen that he had taken a wet shirt off the pile on the ground and draped it over the line. Before they left he had gone back and felt it.

“Yes, nearly anyway, so the clothes already dry on the line could very well have come from the wet pile on the ground. I tend to agree with you, none of the evidence points to a girl being caught with her knickers down. The bedroom was a typical tidy mess, not through slovenliness, but through simply having not got around to tidying it after she had dealt with the baby and the washing. Her discarded clothes were just dropped in the floor. Usually in passion you find perhaps some downstairs, blouse and bra, and then the rest in the bedroom. Here all the clothes had been taken off in the bedroom, I think she would have put them on the chair rather than the floor.”

“Agreed sir. We are here now.”

“Pull over.”

“Looks like she is in sir, that is her car I think, shall I radio in for an index check?”

“No. Just sit a moment.” He looked around, again the house was isolated, access was relatively easy, plenty of shrubs that someone could hide in and appear at the last moment, taking a victim by surprise, overwhelming them, administering a drug.

He took his mobile from his pocket and scanned the contact list. He smiled when he saw the number he needed and pressed the call button.

“Doc, Bentley, did you see any signs of injection on Leanne Adams or anything else that might have indicated forced administering of drugs?”

He paused listening to the reply. “No doc I appreciate that this wasn’t a PM and that you are not a pathologist, it is just that you have trained medical eyes and might have seen something. Thanks Doc.” He killed the call and looked across at Christine raised his eyes and shook his head muttering “Silent fucking Witness has a lot to fucking answer to.”

“Sir,” Christine interrupted, “I wonder if Vanessa Hilt and Leanne Adams know each other?”

“That, DC Jackson is your next line of enquiry. I want to know all the places that they go to. Did Adams have her neonatal at Hilt’s hospital, did they sit in the same canteen? Do they share a GP? If these two cases are linked there has to be a point of commonality.”

“Sir, unless they are just random victims of the same assailant.”

“Christine, in this fucking countryside they are virtually neighbours. There will be somewhere that they both crossed paths. Come on, let’s go back to the shop, I am not quite ready to ask Vanessa Hilt any more questions at the moment. Show me where the body was discovered, that was round her somewhere. May as well look whilst I am here.”

Eldred left her sleeping in her chamber. He had given her a taste of his blood, and the process, unbeknown to her, had started, she was changing, becoming like him. He would be able to sense her, know her desires and needs almost before she did. She would find her appetite for human food would decrease, and her desire for warm fresh blood grow. At first he would let her feed off him, that would speed her transformation until eventually he would let her feed from a human, then and only then she would be truly Vampyre. He knew that she had poisoned her body with drugs to kill the unborn child that she did not know she could not carry. The blood she would produce would be unpalatable, spoiled, dead blood, it was of no interest to a vampire, and as such he left her to bleed and transform. It would be last time her body would ever purge in that way.

She lay in the shadow of an upturned boat on the grassed bank of the river side, licking and preening her fur. She was jet black and loved the suppleness and agility in this form. Something? She lifted her head and sniffed, yes, a new scent, one she hadn’t encountered before, she could make no sense of it, could put no shape to it, yet she felt no threat or danger from it, nor did it hint of food, it was just different. She had fed on a lamb and knew that she must go back to her life amongst the humans least she be discovered and snared by an irate farmer.

It was long past time to have changed, to stay as she was for so long in daylight was a great risk, and here the day was almost over. She crawled deeper under the boat, hidden from all but the most insistent of eyes. Her fur shortened and shrank into her skin, her long beautiful tail coiled and then slid back within, her pointed ears with their wisps of fur rounded and moved to the side of her face and her nose softened and then a young dark haired woman stretched and yawned and coughed. She felt around under the boat for the simple dress she had left there earlier and slipped it on and stepped out into the evening sunshine.

Her sense of smell was intensely acute when she was in feline form, but now in human shape was less keen. The strange scent she had picked up under the boat was, however, still just there on the edge of her senses. She wandered along the river path to the road sniffing as she went, wondering what the strange scent was, unperturbed and confident it presented no harm to her. She just sensed she was closing in on something that she hadn’t encountered before, and she thrilled at the prospect of a new experience. Perhaps it was a mate, she had yet to encounter another of her kind since the day that she had been turned, and human males seemed, well, tame. She decided she would sleep on it. Things always seemed better and clearer after a sleep.

In the twilight of the evening Eldred felt hunger once more and a desire to taste new blood. He had not told Vanessa the truths of his kind, but only elements of. She would find the truth as she transformed and as she in turn then fed on others. He was so long in the ground that his needs were frequent, urgent and in need of sating. Once fully recovered he would not need to feed so frequently, but for now he sought fresh clean food.

There was a man he saw walking along the path from the lane, his preoccupation with other matters enabled Eldred to be upon him before he knew and Eldred drank, enough to sate the thirst, enough to give a new twist of memories, but not enough to seriously weaken his prey.

The scent was stronger now and began to pervade her dreams disturbing her sleep as she lay curled on her bed. Her mother busied herself downstairs preparing an evening meal, despairing that her idle daughter Amanda would ever do anything of worth. She had never been the same since she had come home with that deep scratch on her arm. She was sure that her daughter must have picked up some kind of infection in the cut, but Amanda had insisted it was just a cut, nothing was wrong and that she would get a job when the time was right. Just after that incident their pet Jack Russell had disappeared, Amanda, who had loved the dog with an almost insane intensity had simply shrugged his loss off. Since the cut, which was still unexplained as to how it had happened, nothing seemed to matter to Amanda, nothing seemed important.

Eldred left the man sitting on the path. He would eventually recover enough to continue on his way, wearier and more tired than he expected, but with no memories of events on the path. Eldred sniffed at the air, nothing, his senses were not yet keen enough. He could sense food, he could sense his thralls, but as to what else may be abroad, as yet, he was unknowing. He found himself near the ground where he had risen and realised that the old religions had long moved on, the chapel abandoned and the grounds untended. No one, it seemed, came here any more. He easily made his entry to the chapel building and began to prepare it for his use, it would be a good place to work from until his thralls became totally subservient, and his daughter became true to her new identity. Until then he knew that he dare not trust anyone.

He felt a sense of the theatre in him and reading the myths and memories of his food he laughed quietly as he found a suitable tomb to fit their lore. He slid aside the stone lid and cleared it of it decayed bones and dust. It would make a perfect retreat, he could slide the stone lid to cover himself as he slept and his strength grew, yet knew that the stone would not easily be moved by humans, they lacked the strength. He slipped inside and pulled back the stone lid, total darkness engulfing him and he slipped into a deep sleep.