Chapter 4, Part 9

Into ‘Girl’ for a good look, and a good deal of excitement as Geraldine found a superb looking black side vent slash bottom off the shoulder dress, and a red low necked strappy silken dress that stopped a decent length down her leg, but only just and as long as she did not have to sit down. Both were stunning and either would do, she couldn’t decide which one, so bought them both, and then headed to the arcade and Debenhams for the other bits and pieces she would need. Into the lingerie department first for some new matching underwear. After a lot of toing and froing she managed to find a thong that would be virtually invisible through which ever dress that she wore, and a lacy lifting and shaping bra that hopefully would make her look good no matter what outfit she went with. A couple of pairs of nude suspender less cling stockings and it was time for makeup. She selected two different colours of Maybeline liquid look high gloss colour and one transparent quick dry top coat seal. Just in case there was nothing suitable at the salon on Tuesday, Geraldine also selected some colour complementary Revlon nail colours. With everything seemingly sorted, she made her way back to the car, paid the parking fee at the automatic machine, and headed off home planning to spend the rest of the day mixing and matching her outfits with shoes and handbags to see what looked the best. After she had parked the car in the garage, dropped her shopping bags off on the bed and kicked her shoes off, she remembered the flowers that Edward had bought round earlier.