chapter 4 - part 3

"Bugger” Geraldine said to the empty room as Richard cleared the line. Now where? Her white lie had failed. If she had stopped to think, she would have realised that Richard would know everything to know about his competitors, and he would know that Snips would absolutely not have a vacancy Tuesday afternoon. In fact, if she had stopped to think at all, she would have realised no one would have a vacancy on Tuesday, and if she had played it a little softer, Richard might have squeezed her in somewhere.

Now faced with little choice, she phoned The First Snip just on the off chance. “Hello, yes, I was hoping to get a hair and nails makeover sometime soon?”

“Hello miss, let me see, I don’t expect that we will have any slots this coming week, I know that we are really busy.” The talker went quiet and Geraldine could hear as pages were turned at the other end of the line. “No actually we may be able to help. One of my colleagues has just taken a cancellation for Tuesday morning at 12. Mr Adrian, who as you may know is our new Director, would be available for that slot. It would be at a premium charge rate. It is only a 60 minute slot, and so full colour, or permanent wave or lights would not be possible.“

“Brill. I just need a good cut, and perhaps I can seek Mr Adrian’s advice when I see him Tuesday morning, and possibly make a longer appointment for the next time. Now when can you do my nails?”

“I see that Phillipa is free at 1, I can book you in for 45 minutes with her for a basic manicure.”

“That would be fine.”

“Can I ask for your name miss please?”