chapter 4 part 1. War Paint

After Edward walked to his car Geraldine quietly closed the front door. She turned and stood for a moment in the hall gathering her thoughts. There was much to think about and possibly little time to make the necessary arrangements. There was definitely a game afoot, and this was a game that could be interesting to play, and one that she hoped would finish up with no losing side.

“Right Ger” she said softly to herself, “time to get a move on and see what happens.”

The pager interrupted his preparations for the evening once more. Wiping the foam from his face before he had even started to shave, he left his wife soaking in the bath and padded downstairs to the study.

“Hello. What news?”

“Hello Sir. Another meet.”

“I See. Anything else.”

“Sir, Yes Sir, There was an exchange again.”

He was beginning to tire of Natalie and having to drag every item of detail out of her. If things were to develop further, he looked forward to the duty manager shift change, and a different perspective.

“Natalie, what was exchanged?”

“Flowers Sir.”


“Sir, Yes Sir”

“Natalie is it remotely possible that what you have been observing today is nothing more than a romantic interchange between two adults?”

“Sir that is possible, but I remind you that the initial contact this morning was classic text book and straight from the training manual. It was accidentally observed and appeared exactly as if it were real and assumed to be an exercise but stood out immediately as odd, to both Observer and his trainee, as theirs was the only exercise scheduled, sir. Do not forget, Sir, immediately following the initial contact Trader initiated a low level search. In fact, Sir, we have noted that Source also instigated a search.”

“Very well. I require you to note my enquiry concerning a possibly romantic interest in the duty log. I am not commenting in any way adversely on your judgement. If matters take a turn, please advise me further.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Natalie, are you out with your man this evening?”

“Sir, I don’t see what this has to do with Trader Sir?”

“Does your man ever buy you flowers Natalie?”

“Sir, no Sir, waste of money Sir.”

“I see. Natalie, take a suggestion from an old man. Hint to your man how you would like flowers, see if he takes the hint and buys you some. Treat it as a lesson in life. Enjoy your evening out Natalie.”

“Sir. Yes Sir.” He put the phone down and shaking his head at how hopeless sometimes things could appear, and how hopeless sometimes his Duty Manager could be, he returned upstairs to see if his wife had finished marinating in her bath, and to see if he could finish his shave without further interruption.