chapter 3 part 8


“Ah, the stalkee.”

“Oh, the stalker.”

“Don’t sound quite so disappointed.”

“Don’t be so silly. I was just about to phone you and …”

“…I know, put me off? Well if you were then I would like to change your mind.”

“I rather suspect that you won’t want to change my mind.”

“Aha now that sounds highly promising. May I just say a little something?

“You may”

“May I just say thank you personally for a wonderful morning?”

“You may, and thank you.”

“Well you need to open the front door”

“What do you mean?”

Well I can’t say thank you personally if you don’t open the front door.”

“What do you mean?”

“Open the door and you’ll see.” The phone went dead and Geraldine just stood for a moment, not entirely sure what was happening. “The other person has cleared. The other person has cleared”