chapter 3 part 12

“Yes, Debbie.”

“So I assumed…”

“Ah yes, assumption, now we all know what happens when people assume, and this is a classic example of how to make an ass of yourself”

“Oh right. Okay then, sorry. Hope to see you on Tuesday then.”

Edward turned and left ensuring that Geraldine would not see the smile cross his face. He knew of course exactly who Debbie was, and much more besides, but these were things that, from her perspective, he could not possibly know, and if he did, she may begin to start believing her own lie of him being a stalker. It was important that she did not know what he knew. Important, because if she was who she purported to be, he had to appear to be someone he was not, at least at first.

It was also important to find out why Geraldine had so suddenly appeared in his life, was it happenstance or contrivance? He wanted to understand what it was about this woman that had so captivated him, that had made him forget so many years of proper behaviour. He wanted to know what it was that had caused him to throw caution to the wind, that had caused to come chasing after her like some pubescent teenager. He needed to find out.