chapter 3 part 10

“That’s the feller. Do you know what he does?”

“No, I only really know him to say hello to, take in parcels for, that kind of thing.”

“He’s my accountant. He is my appointment tonight, and yes it is a Saturday, and yes I am seeing my accountant on a Saturday evening, that’s why I couldn’t see you tonight. I lead such a sad existence. ”

“Maybe so, Edward the Actually Not So Sad Stalker, but that doesn’t explain how you knew my address.”

Knowing that the best way to hide a lie was with another lie that was actually a truth but not connected, Edward smiled and bowed slightly before responding. “After I left you earlier this morning, I was on the phone to Roger, just making the final arrangements for seeing him tonight, when you drove past his house. He happened to comment that ‘Geri was coming home’, and I said that I’d met a Geraldine today, and well one think led to another, and after two and two had made four, a quick trip to the florist and here I am.”

“Well I’m flattered to think that Roger even noticed me, let alone mentioned my name. May I offer you coffee?”