chapter 3 part 7

“No Daddy, stop. If there is no bad news about him, then anything good I want to find out for myself. If you had said that he was a bad guy, then I would have penned him as a con man and not contacted him again. I don’t want any more information, honestly dad, Okay?”

“..From your mother”

“Sorry Daddy, tell me.”

“She has spoken with Mrs Wilkins from the counter and knows what happened in the Post Office this morning and has explained it to me. You are seemingly the talk of the town. I understand now how you can formally meet someone on a floor. Bye darling” and with a click he was gone, leaving her standing open mouthed.

“Oh Golly.”

Geraldine was quite taken aback by the news from her father and after a moments thought decided this was not the time to leave things and let fate take a hand. She would ring Edward now, and if he was not at home, well then, fate could go on holiday for all she cared; she would keep phoning Edward until he was at home and answered his phone. She was about to reach for the phone once more when it rang, causing her to jump almost out of her skin.