Chapter 2 - part 5

“You said that there was a potentially covert meet after the switch?”

“Yes sir”

“Seems odd to me, a switch followed straight away by a meet.”

“Yes sir, one of the reasons for the call. All the signs are there but it could be a blind.”

“Okay Natalie. Thank you for the call. I assume there is no suspicion by Trader that this was observed in any way?”

“The observer and exerciser both say not sir. Both are unknown to Trader.”

“Natalie, thank you. There is no need for further action unless matters progress. You may advise me if the identity of the source, when known, is cause for concern, otherwise I shall review developments on Monday.”

“Thank you sir.”

The call was finished and he sat there pondering the possibilities and the options. He could not afford to apply hope or wishes. He could only go on the facts, and so far there were only indications that could lead to compromise, there were no facts that concluded any wrong doing. If, in his opinion, the sums don’t add up, then part of the equation was missing. He suspected that the answer he had given was to the wrong sum.

In fact all that was open to him now was to go and prepare the pastry and look forward to fine evening of undisrupted conversations.