Chapter 2, part 2

This month it was their turn to host and they had decided to prepare a spicy lentil soup, a Chateau Briand as the main course, followed by a fruit pie and custard, with some fine cheeses and biscuits to conclude. The rolls for accompanying the soup were rolled, kneaded, prepared and sitting on the side of the kitchen, waiting for their turn in the oven. The lentils had soaked and were now marinating in the spices ready for their transformation into soup. The butcher had delivered the meat, and the cheeses were resting in the larder. As he expected, all preparations were going exactly to plan. He had not planned for the diversion in his pocket however.

The pager vibrating quietly in his pocket could potentially ruin the evening. It would require his attention be diverted from assisting his wife, and his focus to be elsewhere.

“Mary, sorry dear. Just something I have to pop into the study for. Back in a jiff.”

“Well don’t be long, the pastry needs doing and you know that you have the pastry fingers in this house.”

“Yes dear. I am sure that I shall not be long dear.”

He wiped his fingers on a tea towel in case they had picked up any kitchen fats or juices and slipped one hand into the pocket with the pager, as the other hand opened the door leading from the kitchen. As he walked through and closed the door, he pulled the pager from his pocket and looked at the message. A quizzical look crossed is brow, it was not a message that he would have expected, but was still a message that meant he had to make a call.

He slipped into the study, sat at his desk and dialled the duty room.

“You paged me.”