Chapter 1 - Part 9

“Sod, eating then?”

“I thought so, seems a good safe option for you, we would be in the company of others which should help ease your mind, and I always found it easier to talk when stomachs weren’t rumbling. I never quite sussed the point of taking someone to the pictures as a date, I mean, you can’t talk or anything, so, food. Anything in particular you don’t like, or can’t eat? And will you be able to organise a sitter or are we having a third for dinner?”

“Third? Oh, you must mean Debbie. No problem on that score. It will just be the two of us, and I can eat anything. I will phone you later to agree the arrangements. I really must get off just now; I do have some calls to make to see if I can be free. Thank you for a lovely time and here is my part of the bill.” Taking a five pound note from her purse, she passed it across to Edward.

“I don’t think your money is any good here, and I shall not accept it either Geraldine. Put your money away. Thank you, the offer is appreciated, but declined. Please allow me to settle the bill.”

Edward walked across to the waitress asked for the bill and handed over a twenty pound note to cover the cost. He took his coat and scarf from the hook and put them back on. He held the door open for Geraldine and they once more found themselves in the cold January air.

“It’s colder now than when we went in to eat. Please, Geraldine, be careful driving home. I look forward to hearing from you later”. As he finished speaking he took her hand, and rather than the shake she expected, he stooped and planted a soft kiss on the back of her hand. He held her car door as she got in and quietly said “Until later.”

“Oh Golly”