Chapter 1 part 8

Geraldine reached down into her handbag and pulled out a small diary, it had been free last year with a glossy magazine that showed how to spice up her life. The diary was to enable her to record her new and exciting life, now filled to overflowing having followed the guidelines in the magazine of course. She flicked through the pages, most pages indeed had an entry, but sadly for the magazines success ratings, most were entries like ‘Nothing doing’ or ‘Still Bored’. She hoped he could not read upside down. “Well Edward, I think I can fit you in for a social engagement. Would you like to let me know where and when?”

Edward paused before replying. He needed some time to make any arrangements if they would prove necessary, and it would probably be in poor taste to seem too eager. However his composed and logical thought process was under attack from his inner and usually hidden self. That inner man simply wanted to see the woman again soon. “Tonight I have a prior engagement, but I know I am free Tuesday evening. I tell you what; I’ll give you my card. Perhaps you could ring me later and let me know what you want to do. I can pick you up, or meet you somewhere, or send a taxi for you. Most of the options available to us do require me knowing where you live. I will understand if you may not be comfortable with that, I don’t know. Ring me this evening, after six but before seven, and let me know what you decide”

He passed across a small card. It had his name, Edward Seymour Esq. in gold script across the centre. Below that was a phone number, there was no house and street name or even a postcode. It was simply a name and a number.

“That is my private number, it is ex directory, and the number is withheld when I dial out on it, so I hope that you don’t block calls from withheld numbers. Are you going to give me your number?”

“Yes I am, and no I don’t, and it is 850130. What did you have in mind for Tuesday evening, and I do have to check that I can re-arrange my arrangements and free up Tuesday evening?”

“You know the all night kebab van that is parked by the river bridge?”


“Awful isn’t it. We’ll go elsewhere.”