Day 7 part 6
Vanessa was sitting nude in a chair, her knees to her chest, arms around her legs. She was angry. Eldred sat on the other side of the room a smile on his face.

“That was so wrong” she said eventually.


“You keep calling me your daughter, fathers do not have sex with their daughters, it is totally wrong.”

“Well, in the several thousand years I have been alive, they have done. You have to stop this old, human, way of thinking. Sex is not for procreation amongst us, it is a taking or transferring of an energy, a primal power. You take it where you can, it strengthens you.

“It is difficult to undo all the teachings of my life.”

“Look into my memories daughter, and leave your own memories in a box, they are distracting you.”

“My memories are who I am.”

“No daughter, no, your memories are your old human self, who you were. Now you are Vampyre. It is dark outside, sardine time, put on your dress.”