Day Five Transformed part 3

There was a low round concrete structure just above the high tide mark, an old Pill box from the war, and they made their way inside. It seemed long untouched, no rats or other small creatures, not even birds had made it home. They sat down to recover in the semi darkness and catch their breath.

“Running over the estuary is a neat trick,” Vanessa said, “but it takes it out of me.”

“Indeed, it is a little at the edge of what I believe we can do. I am impressed, you have transformed much quicker than I expected. In my previous times it took much longer for the transformation to take effect.”

“Yes, I know, I remember,” she laughed, ‘I have all of your memories, you really do go back a long way, I am going to enjoy sifting through those experiences, some of them taste really quite good.”

“Yes, you will need to do that to gain my experiences so that you can learn to survive.”

“What do you mean survive, I am immortal.”

“As you said earlier, do you want to lay trapped in mud and turn to stone, having to wait aeons for the stone to erode so that you can feed? No, of course you don’t. You will live for ever, nothing can kill you, not even me, but you want to live it in style and comfort. We need to find a thrall that is a recluse, that is a priority I think.”

“I think I know why I transformed quicker.”

“Were you even listening to me?”

“Yes. Thrall. Recluse. Seriously, I think people nowadays are much healthier than you are used to, the life expectancy is probably nearer 80 these days, in your recent past, when you were last ‘out and about’ reaching 30 would have been an achievement for the average Human. I think before, the blood had to spend longer repairing the human side of the body so that the transformation could begin.”

He looked across at her. His instincts had been right, she was indeed something special, she had taken to her new state without mental stresses, she had transformed quickly, had assimilated the new knowledge and was already applying it and coming up with new information to their benefit.

“Indeed,” he answered and then looked to the slit that acted as an entrance. “Can you sense that?”

“Of course, it is Amanda. She has found us.”

“Oh shit, come here, look. Get your mobile and keep the dogs back.” The man who had seen Vanessa and Eldred run across the river had now seen something else.

“Oh shit, what you found now, dinosaur eggs?”

“No, a body. Phone the police. I will use my iphone to give us the actual lat n long, give us a minute.”

“Let me guess, ‘found a body in the river? There’s an app for that.’”

“I am serious, it looks like a female, but difficult to tell. Just phone the bloody police.”

They arrived at Wendy Towers’ house and as before the nurse stayed in the car and Christine knocked on the door.

“Hello Wendy, DC Jackson, could I just pop in a minute?”

The door was held open and Christine went in. The house was scrupulously clean and Christine wondered if Wendy had spent all her walking hours scrubbing and cleaning, just to keep busy, just so that she would nt have to think about being attacked.

“Any news, are you any closer to finding the animal that did this?”

“Yes, we have some promising leads. Look, I know this is an imposition, but, may I take a small blood sample. We want to establish a reference, you DNA and all that, just to totally make sure that when we bring this man to court, and believe me, we will, that no expert witness can get him off on a technicality.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Oh, and look, sorry to ask this, but, if you have had sex with any one since the rape, we ought to get their blood, you know, just in case, expert witnesses and all.”

Wendy Towers looked sadly across at DC Jackson. “I have had sex exactly twice in my life. Once I remember and now I have a son. Once I don’t and now I have a police file.”

“I’ll just get the nurse,” Jackson said.

Mavis was in a trance. The doors to her house were locked and bolted. She put a sign in her front window saying that she was unavailable for readings at this time. She had no time for distractions. Deep in her trance she was talking with a spirit guide.

“This has to be done, I cannot do it from here, and I do not want to risk coming across to you, I am not sure that I would have the strength to bring him in and then get myself back.”

“But Monacella we do not want the disturbance, there was such an upset the last time we bought one into our realm.”

“There are so many lost souls waiting to be released, to be saved, It is the will of nature that we face up to such abhorrence and deal with it.”

“Monacella it is the will of your nature you say, but these creatures are ancient, they hold much knowledge, what if this is the last one? You would be committing an extinction. I know not of a desire in nature to cause extinction, life in what ever plain of existence clings to life, and so it should.”

“These are an abhorrence, a mistake walking the Earth that should have become extinct years ago before humans took their steps out of Africa, they should all have been consigned to the volcanoes of the rift.”

“That would not have killed them as you know, just made them angry.”

The argument was not really progressing. Were there no elements desirous of ridding the world once and all of Vampyres? Mavis indicated her desire to leave. She needed to think and see if there were any form of persuasion she could employ to get the help she needed.

“Go in peace Monacella” her spirit guide said and Mavis awoke from her trance, in great need of a drink. Water, this was no time for Gin.

Amanda walked into the pill box a smile on her face and she embraced first Vanessa and then Eldred. ‘Hello” she simply said.

“Amanda” Vanessa asked, “would you like to change, or would you like to talk.”

“Don’t mind. Either. Nice to talk. Nice to purr.”

Vanessa smiled, in depth conversations are difficult to have once only one party can use words and the other sounds and limited gestures.

“Do you know of any others of your kind?”

“Only the one that made me. I scent him occasionally but I have never seen him since.”

“How did he make you Amanda?”

“I saw him, oh he was so magnificent, I was walking down by the rivers edge the other side of the sanctuary and I just felt safe, I went and I was stroking him, tickling his stomach. He really was magnificent.”

“What happened, why did he turn you?”

“I was telling him how beautiful he was, how his ears were handsome and his teeth so white and sharp, and what a wonderful boy he would make, and how I would love to meet a boy as handsome as him, and he began to change before me, and soon a boy lay before me, looking into my eyes.”

“’You didn’t run away’ he said to me.”

“How could I? I said to him, You are so beautiful , how could anyone run from someone as beautiful as you. What are you, I asked him, how do you do that change, I have never seen anything so wonderful.”

“He said ‘I don’t know, I have been able to do since I was scratched by a cat in the woods as a teenager, I knew it was special and did not let any one know. You are the only person who has ever seen me do it.’ I asked him to show me again, and I watched as he once more turned into the most beautiful thing I had even seen, and I knew I had to be like him, so I did it.”

Vanessa looked at Eldred who was laying back just listening to the interchange. His daughter was asking questions that would never occur to him to ask.

“What did you do Amanda?”

“I took his paw and pressed his pads and a claw came out. I pressed it to my arm and raised blood.” She showed her arm where a long scar ran from below her elbow towards her wrist. “As the blood seeped from my arm he changed back and there were tears in his eyes. ‘What have you done?’ He asked me, ‘there is no going back, it cannot be undone, there is no cure.’ I told him I didn’t want a cure for such beauty as his. He changed back again and after a long look and sniff of my scent he ran off. I haven’t seen him since. I first changed a few days later. Even though all other little scars or blemishes vanished after I first changed, the scar from him is always with me.”

“And you haven’t seen him since?”

“No. I roam the fields looking for him, and occasionally I pick up his scent, but I haven’t found him. I want so much to find him, he really is beautiful.”

“My child,” Eldred spoke for the first time, “believe me, in all my many years, and you cannot comprehend how many that is, I can tell you that I have never seen any creature on this planet as beautiful as you. You are without shadow the most beautiful of all the Felcans I have ever encountered. If you and he do meet, I urge you, take his litter, I suspect nothing will ever produce such pure perfection as that from the loins of you and he.”

Amanda slipped her hands up, the hem of her dress between her fingers, and Vanessa could see that even as the dress was coming off, her fur was sprouting and she was changing. Soon she was laying at their feet purring and preening.

“Well, that is a stunning story” Vanessa said.

“Indeed” Eldred said. “We should rest. You must practice resting whilst your senses roam for danger.”

“Pah, I’ve been doing that for centuries. Rest easy old one. I know what I am doing.”

He tutted and with a smile closed his eyes.