Day Five Transformed part 2

The door knocked and Henry Adams opened it to see the Police woman from the investigation. “Yes?” He asked, “anything new?”

“Hello Mr Adams, may I come in and speak with you and your wife.” Sat in the police woman’s car Henry could see a woman in what looked like a nurse’s uniform.

“Why have you got a nurse with you?”

“I’ll come to that in a moment Mr Adams, may I come in?”

“S’pose.” He held the door wide and Christine went in to the tiny cottage.

“Lee” he said, “P’lice here,” and shut the door too. Christine heard the bolt slide across the door and looking through to the back she could see that the back door was also shut.

“Hello Leanne,” she said, “I know that this is an imposition, but, and I am not being insensitive by not asking how you are, but I cannot imagine what you are going through, and I am sure anything I say would just sound wrong.”

“You any closer to catching him?” Leanne asked, her voice quiet.

“Well, actually, yes, we think we are. And that is why I am here really. What I would like, if you don’t mind, is to just take a little blood sample from each of you, just to act a s a control, so when we do catch him, we can really prove what he did with DNA. Would that be okay Leanne, Henry? I have a proper nurse with me if it is, and it really will only take a moment.”

Leanne nodded, there seemed no fight in her, Henry just sat and then asked:

“Why you need mine? You think I done it?”

“No, not al all, no. By having your blood we can show for sure that it was not you, and there can be no doubt in anyone’s mind.” It was a kind of round about way of saying, ‘you won’t mind if you have nothing to hide.’ “And when the case is closed and your wife’s attacker is in jail we will destroy your blood records and delete them, that is the law, your DNA will not lie on any file for other people to see.”

“S’pose then,” he said, “best get nurse in then.”

When the nursehad finished and had two small phials of blood, as Christine distracted Henry by speaking to him about work, the nurse, as arranged earlier had a quiet word with Leanne.

“Have you and he, you know, made love since? Is he making you feel safe sweetie?

Leanne just shook her head and a tear formed in her eye.

“Oh my love, give him time, men can be so odd about these things, he’ll come round, you’ll see.”

As they drove away heading to Wendy Towers the nurse said, “No, the arse won’t go near her. Pig”

“Perhaps,” said Christine, she don’t want him to touch her? I doubt I would want a man near me if I had been raped, not for a while for sure.”

“Believe me, she wants, he won’t, I know.”

“Oh, okay. Let’s see how we get on with Wendy Towers.”

Vanessa was standing just inside the boat house looking across the river, the small town behind her. She was listening with her senses and realised that she could focus on a particular area and tune out distractions from elsewhere. She was disturbed in her fine-tuning of her new senses by the sound of dogs and humans talking. She looked through a crack in the old boards in the up the riverbank. Men in fluorescent jackets with dogs on long leads were walking and closely examining the river bank.

She alerted Eldred and as one they ran from the old boathouse once more crossing the estuary at speed, their feet leaving hardly an impression as they headed back across the mud flats.

“Did you see that?” The one man said to the other.

“No, what?”

“Looked like two people just ran across the river.”

“You’re having a laugh.”

“No, no I’m not, I am telling you, two people just ran out of that old boat house and ran clean across the river.”

“You know as well as I do you can’t cross the river on foot. What you saw was probably a pair of herons. Now, keep looking, you never know what the tides can bring, we got nothing better to do.”

Amanda’s nose twitched and she awoke, first of all checking that her one fear of going to sleep human and waking feline had once more managed to evade her. The smell of the new people was close again. She lifted her head and sniffed the wind.

“Going for a walk” she shouted to her mother and headed off down the bank staying human, too many people around to risk changing in such daylight.

“Make sure you come back, and if you plan to stay out all night, phone me, so as I can lock the door properly and not worry.” Her mother shouted at her daughter’s retreating back, receiving a wave of the hand as acknowledgement.