Day Five Transformed  part 1

Bentley was in a bad mood and it pretty much meant everyone who didn’t have to deal with him kept out of his way. He had snarled at the girl pouring hi Costa Coffee when the lid wouldn’t go on right. He had glared at a WPC who took more than two manoeuvres to park a beat car in the car park, and he totally ignored the desk sergeant as he walked in and swiped through to the offices.

He took a large scale map of this side of the estuary and went into the conference room, was annoyed at no blutak, walked out to he nearest desk and picked up the tape dispenser, just daring its occupant to complain, and walked back into the conference room and stuck the map to the peg wall. He took the box of marker pins and began marking locations. The Old Mission. The boys body dump. The houses of the three attacked women. And then he stood back turned a chair backwards and sat looking at it as he drank his coffee.

“Sir” Christine Jackson said as she stood behind him, she did not have the luxury of being able to ignore him, he was her boss, this was their case.

“What the fuck are we missing?” He asked.

She took a chair, and in light of not wishing to have her skirt ride up to her thighs, sat on it the right way round. “Dunno sir, you have pretty much been on this bastards tails from the get go. You knew there was something hookey about Hilt, you tied in the boy’s body, and you were a hair from capturing him at Hilts house.”

Her attention was distracted by someone in the office waving an envelope at her. She went out and saw the courier and had to sign for the envelope. She went back and closed the conference room door.

“Sir, PC Wainwright’s bloods. Due to thim being one of us and all, it was couriered rather than put on the LAN, you know how insecure that is.”

Bentley reached across, ripped open the envelope and scanned the report.



“Fuck all. Nothing.”

“That’s good, yes?”

“No it fucking isn’t, that means he managed to make Wainwright forget everything , give him a dose of amnesia without dosing him with drugs. The drug is a red fucking herring. Bollocks.”

“Well, it’s good for Wainwright sir, at least he doesn’t have an unknown protein swimming about in his blood that has as yet unknown side effects, sir.”

“Those other two women, Adams and…” he flicked his fingers at Christine.

“Wendy Towers sir,” Christine volunteered.

“… Towers, find out they have had intercourse since their attack, and if so get blood samples from who ever they fucked, and get them to the lab fucking pronto on a rush. I want to know if this protein transfers the way AIDs does, , oh, and also, might as well get more bloods from the two women, see what there blood is like after a few days.”

“Sir, I think I will do that one in person, not the kind of thing I want to ask over a phone, better eye to eye, if you know what I mean.” She knew what he needed was the right way to go, but sometimes, the way he said things, well, she was just glad she only had to work with him. If he had been her partner and she had heard him talk about her like that, he’d have had a slap he would never forget.

She got up and walked into the office locked her desk and was about to leave when she saw a circular on her desk. She went back in to the conference room.

“Sir? We asked to told of all disappearances, strange events, well a young couple disappeared last night. They were out with his parents and were walking back from a restaurant just a few steps in front of her parents who had stayed behind to settle the bill. The parents got back to the car and no sign. Still no sign this morning sir.”


“The car was parked at a car park in Upper Blakeney”

“Not interested, other side of an uncrossable river. Hilt and the suspect have had no way to get across the river, they are on foot and to get from this side to there is a walk of several hours to the nearest bridge? You’ll find they just ran away.”

Christine dropped the circular back on her desk and headed off to get her car and go to see the two women.

Amanda was confused. She had gone home and endured her mother shouting and crying because she had stayed out all night with no warning, and when she had awoken and gone outside this morning, the new scent was distant, as if it were across the river estuary, she hoped to go and see her new friends, but knew that they were unreachable to her. She went for a walk along the path towards the house where the Vanessa lived, but there were strange and unfriendly scents in the air and she turned away and went back home to curl up and sleep in the garden, her nose twitching as she slept.