Day Eight The Best Laid Plans of Vampyres

The four food thralls were moaning and complaining about stomach cramps.

“Shit,” Vanessa said, “The one thing I forgot about was human food for the thralls, and then will need things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, toilet paper, the girls will need sanitary towels and the like. Oh shit oh shit.”

“So go shopping, take the Felcan, she might like the change of scene.”

“I will need a car, and I want to go south to the big Mall in Bristol, I am more likely to get lost in a crowd there. I shall have to use the housekeeper’s car when she gets here. As to money, I shall just have to get some one to give me some cash, that’ll be easy.”

“You could just get the housekeeper to get what you need, she can think Lord Addled Brain has some house guests.”

“That won’t work Eldred, someone is paying the bills and they will wonder why there are suddenly guests. Amanda is ok, she has been going home every day for some good old fashioned home cooking, so she isn’t a drain, we have dined out every night, so were won’t be noticed either. No, it’ll just have to be a trip to the shops. Shit.”

“So I have to entertain her whilst you are gone. I may feed, just a little snack.”

“If you do, and someone checks her, then that will lead them straight back to us. I don’t think that is a good idea.”

“You are such a spoilsport. In my time women who spoke like you were strapped to a stool and ducked in the pond.”

“Well, now you live in my time, and you try anything like that and believe me you will not comprehend the level of shit you will have heaped upon yourself. You had better just go to ground for another four hundred years.”

“By the Ancients, you have a mouth.”

“By the Ancients I will use it to keep us safe. Now, stop acting like a thousand year old baby.”