Day 7 - rehab part 3

Christine braked heavily and the car came to a stop, Bentley was out slightly quicker and headed to the rear of the house, but Christine was only a moment behind going straight to the front door. As Bentley came back to the front shaking his head, “long gone”, a car came to a halt and, at a slightly more leisurely pace DI Kahn and DI String sauntered up.

“Oh hello,” Rebekah Kahn said, “I suppose I ought to say, ‘what a surprise’ seeing you here, but as we all know, it isn’t.” Her smile looked sweet but both Bentley and Jackson knew it was a mask hiding venom.

“We assumed you had picked up the keys” Jason string added, “but just in case we bought the spare set that we had made.”

“Hi Guys,” Bentley said, “of course I have the keys, by the way Christine, that’s a fiver I owe you. We had a bet you see, I said that you would be here before us, Christine said after.” A complete fabrication but he guessed Christine would pick up and play along. He didn’t want to let these Serious boys and girls thinking that they had second guessed him, even though they quite clearly had.

“Oh, that’s okay sir,” Christine responded quickly, “I’ll settle for you buying the first round. Mines a double by the way.”

Bentley smiled, ‘good girl’ he thought, and pulled the replacement lock key from his pocket and unlocked the house. “After you,” he said standing back letting Kahn and String go first.

Vanessa was walking through the clinic looking at the various addicts as they sat or lay on beds, all either rocking too and fro or eyes staring at nothing as they waited in a vacant state for what ever came next.

Vanessa approached her first target, a young blond girl, “Hello my lovely” she said to her, “we would like you to go to another clinic, it has much newer facilities. If you just sign out from here, I will take you there. Would you like that?” She knew that under her thrall the girl would do exactly as she was told, her words were for the benefit of anyone, be it human or recording that might over hear.

The girl got up and went to the clinic reception and sign her name and wrote ‘finished’ next to her name. She had effectively checked out. Vanessa took her outside and sat her in the minivan and went back inside for the next one. She knew that if anyone ever had cause to look at the cctv recordings that she would be recognised, but she doubted anyone would have a need. Her plan was idiot proof. And anyway, she had done nothing wrong.

Bones was in the conference room with DI’s Jones and Singh. “A thought,” he said. “Patently these people didn’t run across a mile of river and sinking sand, that is just ridiculous, they must have used a car. Get the CCTV feeds on the arterial and feed them into here, I want face-rec running over the past week on all the traffic, I want to see what vehicle they are using, then we can use the ANPR to flag up when they are on the move again.

“Do you want us to start with now and work back, or start back and work forwards?” Dick Jones asked.

“Start the day the kids disappeared over the river and work forwards. If you start now and work back you will always have to come back to now anyway. No, start back and work forward.”

“Sir,” Gurpindar Singh said, “I am thinking, why not just get one of the geeks to go down to control and do it from there. No one needs to be knowing what is being done by us then. It could be starting very much more quickly too.”

“Good call Gur, make it happen, oh, and if anything is flagged, make sure it is only one of us that get’s told.”

He looked again at the map. “They will have gone to ground, but were, there must be over a thousand dwellings in that area, which one are they in which one?”

Rhetorical questions needed no answer, and both Jones and Singh were experienced enough to keep their counsel. Singh turned away and went to phone tech support. He knew exactly who he wanted on the search.