Day Three - Pets. Part 2

Amanda woke with the scent still in her nostrils, it was intriguing, what was it, who was it, was it another of her kind, a male? She wanted to go and search, and to do so in her feline form was the most likely to be successful, but feline form in the full of day was not wise. She knew that she had gotten away with it yesterday, but she had been holed up most of the day digesting the lamb she had eaten the night before. She had not been running around the countryside.

She got up and threw her dress on and left, shouting that she was ‘not hungry’ to her mother who insisted that she have breakfast. She sniffed as she went, and her nose took her along the path towards the old Mission building. The scent was strong here, she prowled around and considered a change to her feline self, but a car going slowly past in the lane dissuaded her from the change.

Ekdred’s eyes opened with a snap and he quickly slid the slab to one side and with a single bound was out and sniffing the air, “could it be?” he asked and slipped outside to come face to face with a young dark haired girl.

“Oh, you are beautiful,” he said, “Oh you are, I know what you are my dear, and I shall do you no harm, please, come inside and show me your true self.”

Amanda followed him through the small gap into the interior of the mission and stood wither head back sniffing, taking him in, yes, here was the source of the new scent, but she could not understand. What was he? He walked up to her and looked into her eyes and spoke again, soft words he spoke, but she did not listen, she was too busy tasting his scent, analysing what she was stood before, sure that he was no match for her and thus no threat, but uncertain none the less.

“Oh you are so special little one, I suspect you are new to this, have you not long been transformed? You are Felcan, this much I know and you cannot be enthralled by my words, you are so special.” Eldred spoke softly and then began stroking her head and hair the way a man would treat a pet, “yes you are truly beautiful. My name is Eldred, will you show me your true form?”

As he began to stroke and pet her Amanda felt the need to transform. Unembarrassed she pulled the dress off her head and laid it on the ground to her side. Fur began to sprout across her body, soon hiding her human form beauty, and then her shape changed and she dropped to all fours. Eldred was delighted and stroked her ears and ran a hand along her back and along her tail. Amanda dipped her head and bent her fore knees, subservient. Here she felt safe and started to purr.

“We have received the preliminary results of the tests. They do indicate the possibility that you were drugged.”

Vanessa looked from Bentley to Christine and then back. “Possibility, what the fuck does that mean?”

“There was an as yet unidentified protein in your blood, and also in that of another victim…”

Vanessa interrupted him, “What do you mean another victim? I am not the only one then? You mean he attacked more than one of us?”

Bentley was annoyed with himself for letting that slip, it was a mistake he would have expected from someone as inexperienced as Christine, but not one that he should make. Somehow this woman disturbed him and he did not know why. “Yes, another woman reported an attack later in the day. We think yours was the first. As I was saying, both of you had the DNA from the same assailant, and both of you had the same unusual protein in your blood.”

“Is she local? Where does she live, come on, am I safe in my own home, no, I am not, I have already been assaulted in my own home, so stop holding out, tell me what you know.”

Christine looked across at Bentley and receiving his barely perceptible nod she asked “Have you ever come across a Leanne Adams? At the hospital perhaps, you would recognise her I am sure, she was pregnant although she recently had her child. Perhaps you worked in Maternity whilst she attended?”

Vanessa stood up and turned away. Her mind was screaming. The dreams, they were more than dreams, they really were transferred memories, he had indeed attacked and fed from a young mother after her, she now knew he had also killed. She dare not let them see her face otherwise she would give something away. “No. I don’t work maternity and no I don’t know Leanne Adams. I would like you to leave now please.”

Bentley pursed his lips and nodded to himself. “I am sorry Staff Nurse Hilt, but we have to ask you some further questions.” He had hoped that adding a formality to his words would break through and allow some further questions.

“I feel unwell, please leave.”

“May I call your Doctor?”

“No. Just leave. Shut the door after you, I shall be bolting all my doors from the inside. Now, go.”

“Well now, that was interesting” Christine said as they sat in their car outside Vanessa Hilts house.

“Did you notice?” Bentley asked.

“Yes, she did not really ask us anything about the DNA, who it might be, if we had leads, she did not really pursue us on where the other victim lives and why we asked about Leanne Adams or where she lives.”

“Indeed, all questions I would have demanded answers to if I had been just told that the lab results were in and that there was another victim.”

“Sir you telling her about another victim was a surprise to me, it really seemed a mistake at first, but the response we got from her was just wrong. I would never have thought to do that. I think you have been right from day one, something is wrong here”

“Just things you pick up on the way Christine.”

“Did you notice that she never asked for Police Protection.”

“Indeed. I think she knows exactly who her attacker is. Find out if there are any development laboratories at the hospital, pound to a penny that if there is, then that is where we will find matey boy. Also get the file on that body found in the lane by the mission, I want to give that a once over see what the path guys found in the blood work. Oh, and stop by the mission on the way back, I want a look.”