Day Four History Arrives Part 2

When they awoke Amanda left the house walked along the lane wearing Vanessa’s dress and retrieved her own from the Mission. She had told Eldred that she ought to go back home, otherwise her mother would be worried and report her missing.

“At some point my dear,” he had said, “you will need to leave your mother, and live with us. You can then be what ever shape you want and need not worry about clothes or what your mother thinks.”

“But not yet,” she had replied, and gone off to collect her dress. Amanda didn’t know these people, and although she was happy to go along with them and see what might happen, she was not ready to put her lot in with them yet. She then returned Vanessa’s dress and left along the path across the field taking the shorter route home.

When Vanessa awoke she felt no different in herself. She looked in her bedroom mirror and could see no difference, there were no fangs that she could see. She felt pangs of hunger, but not for the food she used to eat, she could recognise that it was more of a need to feed than simple hunger. She put a robe on and went down stairs, Eldred was sat on her settee, there was no sign of the Felcan.

“Where is Amanda? Can I feed from her, or is it only you or human’s?”

“She has gone, for now, your dress that you lent her is over there,” he pointed to the single chair where it lay neatly folded. “No, you can’t feed from her, the blood of a Felcan would make you ill, not kill you of course, but make you wish you hadn’t fed. When your transformation is complete you will no longer be able to feed from me. We can taste each other’s blood and there will be great pleasure in it, but there will be no feeding. You will only feed from human’s. It is usual to gather a small following in your thrall that you regularly feed from. That way no suspicions are aroused and the authorities don’t come after you with pitch forks and flaming torches.”

“Yes, I remember that, one of the memories you so kindly passed on. So, Felcans, what are they, really? You said they are rarer than Werecats? I assume that we have Werewolves too?”

Eldred looked at her and then spoke, “I am surprised a little that my memories are taking to long to organise in you. You should know the answer to this already, however. There are Werewolves yes, they are the Lykens. They are little more than brutes, mostly in human form, but able to turn into a wolf like shape if provoked. We, our kind I mean, used to use them as guard dogs, little else. Even in human form they had little intelligence and virtually no conversation. Some call them Hellhounds, but that is a mistake, Hellhounds are something entirely different and are of no concern to our kind. We ignore them, they ignore us.”

He paused and looked to see if Vanessa was showing signs of recollection, seeing none, he continued. “Werecats are similar to Werewolves, simple, brutish, very animalistic and tend to take on the appearance of Lions. There are many in Africa I am told, although I have never encountered them. Felcans on the other hand, of they are so rare and are they not, is Amanda not just so beautiful? Felcans switch easily between feline and human form, and fully understand everything said in either state. They cannot use words when feline, they have the wrong vocal cords, but can use other means to communicate if required. They really are rare and special. I have encountered Felcan’s before and whilst they do not show the stupid blind loyalty that the Lykens and other Were’s do. A Felcan will give you loyalty, but may then just wander off, and you may never know why.”

“Just like a domestic cat then?”

“I suppose. Come, “ he said as he raised bent his elbow and let the blood flow, “feed my daughter, feed.” Her lips were on him before the words were finished. He stroked her head a she fed. “Tomorrow my daughter, I think you will need to feed on a human.”

Mavis Williams had slept a troubled night, spirits had visited and spoken, telling her of troubled times, and that they were worried for the future. ‘Those slain by Vampyre do not cross, their spirit is extinguished,’ one had said, ‘It is a bad thing.’ When she awoke she had pulled an old trunk from her back room and had gone in search of a particular book. It was a very old book, words written in ancient ink on dried skin, not paper or parchment, such would have crumbled to dust long ago. It was a living book, it was her book of spells and lore, and had been given to her by her mother, millennia ago. She carefully lifted the book and took it to her table. Somewhere in its many pages, somewhere there would be the solution, perhaps a spell, perhaps not, but either way the answer of what to do with Vampyres.

Leanne Adams lay crying softly. Her husband had not slept in her bed the night previous, he had instead slept on cushions in the baby’s room. Her milk had not returned and she had to use made up formula which saddened her, Donny had only had but a few weeks of her milk, she had hoped that she would have been able to feed her for a year or more. Henry had hardly spoken to her or touched her since she was attacked, and the one rock in her life, the one man she needed to turn to in this dark hour had turned his back on her. Her mother had arrived fussing and going on about girls flaunting themselves, how she was surprised that more young girls weren’t attacked. Leanne had screamed and shouted at her mother, ‘You are not helping mother, I did not flaunt myself, leave me alone, you are making it worse, go away.’

Her mother had left after less than an hour, able to give no comfort for her daughter. Leanne was alone. She had been attacked but had no recollection of it. She had been raped, but had no memory of the act, only the physical and undeniable evidence that she had partaken of intercourse, whether forced or not. Henry refused to accept that such could happen, that she could not recall and had said to her, ‘it is as if you are hiding something, I have never heard of such memory loss,’ and she had wailed back at him, ‘but I have no memory, I have no idea what happened to me, I don’t’ and had pleaded with him to hold her, to love her, to help erase memories that she didn’t have. He was unable.

Jessica Bale had just finished collecting the last of the eggs from the layers and placed them in the trays in the cool of the dairy, each day she sold a few to passers by, her ‘Free Range Eggs’ sign enough to make the odd new comer stop, and the quality and taste of the eggs often bought people back again. Rarely though she sold out, and there was nearly always a day old egg or two for breakfast. Her Jack was a morning person, often up before her to attend to matters on the farm, and often times he would roll onto her, before he left, leaving her with a residue to wash, a residue that often stayed with her, seeping out of her all morning. That must have been what had happened she had decided, she must just not have woken up properly, and been still sleepy when he had his way with her. But no underwear, that was just rude. There could be no other rational explanation. She had come to terms with the strange events of the other day and her life carried on as normal.

After collecting the eggs she knew that she ought to freshen their hay in the coops. She went to the barn and as she opened the door and walked in, she found he underwear from the other day in the middle of the barn floor, dropped, discarded, and obviously worn, not freshly laundered. She faltered a little and then ran back out of the barn, a cold fear gripping her, afraid now to go near the barn, afraid of what must have happened in there that she could not account for.

Eldred had left Vanessa sated on his blood, her memories and his memories now intertwining he was sure. It had been so long since he had made another, and it had seemed a quicker simpler process then. Perhaps the women, the humans, of these times were different, more distant from him, less affected perhaps. It may take longer for her to fully change, but there was no hurry, he had plenty of time after all. Now he needed to feed. He scowled at the sky, full of white cloud and blue patches. Every now and then the sun would shine through, its rays painful on his skin, and he hurried to find his next feed, considering going back to the barn, but her blood had not been sweet and now he wanted more than just food, he wanted to enjoy his meal.

Wendy Towers stopped the car and got out. She had just been to the supermarket and bought some pizza that she planned to do for her and her son for their tea later. Milk and bread and other essentials and she had more or less spent all of her cash for the week. Her child maintenance did not go far, it kept a roof over their head and just about kept the car going, food was mostly whatever was in the reduced section in the supermarket. She opened the rear door of the car to get her two bags of shopping and an arm slipped past her.

“Allow me to help my dear” a soft quiet voice said.

“What, who?” she said turning to look into the most wonderful eyes that she had ever seen.

“Shall we go in?” The quietly hypnotic voice asked.

“Yes, please, come in,” she said, surprised at hearing her own voice. She unlocked and opened the front door and as she stepped in he followed her, the door shutting behind them with a slam. She turned to the noise and found lips on hers, a kiss to wonderful that her legs felt unsteady between her.

“Oh” she gasped as feelings and sensations that had lain dormant within her for many years surfaced and she sensed her clothes seeming to fall off her and felt his obvious desire.

“Ahh” she sighed as an explosion of pleasure erupted masking the sharp pain at the side of her neck, and her body seemed to flood with delight, her mouth gasping as she sank to the floor and then her back arched as he penetrated her, seemingly filling her, memories of the act buried for many years surfacing and she mantra’d ‘Oh yes, yes’ as he thrust and drank and fed from her, her blood sweet and unctuous to taste.

Vanessa was roused by the sound of her door being knocked loudly. She wrapped her robe tightly around herself and securely fastened its belt. She looked through the peephole and saw the policeman standing there with some uniformed officers. She took the chain from the door and undid the bolts. As she opened the door she was violently pushed back and many more than the two uniformed police men she saw that must have been hiding outside her house rushed past her. The inspector, Chris, grabbed her and pulled her out and led her to a car where she was put into the back. He then went around and got into the front.

“What the fuck?” She asked, “what the fuck are you doing?”

“Miss Hilt, we have reason to believe that your attacker may be hiding in your house. We can just wait here a moment or two.”

“What?” Vanessa was incredulous, “hiding in my fucking house, do you really fucking think I wouldn’t fucking notice someone hiding in my fucking house? Jesus. No fucking wonder women don’t report rape. Fucking hell.”

She sat with her arms folded, her lips pursed and her eyes glaring at Bentley. She began to sense an unease about him, something she was unpractised in understanding. She closed her eyes and tried to reach out with her new senses and comprehend what she was getting. She had been confused with the Felcan as she didn’t know why she was sensing both human and cat and so could not believe herself. Now, she was more open minded and was determined to simply decipher the senses, understanding them could come later.

She sensed what seemed like a little fear, and then deeper she saw an anger. She sensed no concern for himself, no feeling of danger, she did not know how to use this to her advantage, but decided to let it play itself out and see what happened, she could then back fit what she had sensed on to what actually happened, and her understanding would grow.

“All clear sir, no sign” A Uniformed Officer said as the stream of police began to leave her house.

“If there is a mess in my house there is going to be fucking trouble, and I am going to shout loud and hard in the newspapers and on TV. Jesus fucking Christ.” She went to get out of the car, but the door wouldn’t open from the inside.

“Fucking let me out,” She yelled as she pulled at the car door.

Bentley got out of the car and opened her door. She got out and pushed past him back into her house. She would have slammed the door on him if there hand’t been a uniformed policeman stood in her door way. She brushed past him and stood in her lounge staring at the wall, seething with uncertainty inside. Obviously she hadn’t reacted the proper way when they came yesterday and they had sensed something about her that made them suspicious. She had acted by instinct when reporting the rape and it was only when Eldred had visited her a second time that her behaviour pattern must have changed from the normal, from the expected. Her problem was that she did not know how she should react. The police, encountering these events often, knew exactly how people should react, and she had not followed the pattern they expected. She realised that he was talking to her.

“…ignoring me isn’t going to help Miss Hilt.” She heard him say.

“I wasn’t ignoring you, I was counting to a hundred. Counting to ten didn’t work”

“As I said Miss Hilt, we were concerned for your safety, there was a strong possibility that you assailant was seeking refuse in your house, perhaps threatening you unless you cooperated.”

“This is because I sent you away isn’t it? Understand this, I had nightmares all night. I fall asleep in my chair during the day through exhaustion, and I have nightmares. I cannot see my GP, he was the one that examined me in your fucking police station, so he will always be a reminder. Even if I did see my GP he would want to give me sedatives that would make me sleep, and when I sleep I have nightmares, I don’t wan’t to fucking sleep. Everytime I see you I am reminded, and I don’t want to be fucking reminded. I fucking wish I had said nothing, just washed his stink out of me and gone to work. Can’t you fucking understand that? No, you fucking can’t because you are a man, and all fucking men are rapists and I want you to get the fuck out of my house and never fucking come back, I withdraw my statements, allegations or whatever, just fuck off.” She stood, fists clenched, face distorted with fury staring at him. Over his shoulder the uniformed policeman stood impassive. She hoped that she had just acted back in character, she was sure she had seen something just like that in a film.

“I didn’t realise that you had a cat,” he said.

“What?” she almost screamed the word at him.

“I notice a lot of what looks like cats hairs on your settee, I didn’t notice them when I was here before, odd, because that is the kind of thing I would notice.”

“Just leave.”

“Well I am concerned for your well being Miss Hilt, and I am unwilling to leave as I fear for your safety if I do so. You are very exposed her, help, if needed, is a long way away. A cat. I didn’t notice a cat flap either, nor cat feeding bowls. You must have to open the door to let a cat in and out.”

Vanessa turned away from him. What was it with him and the cat? She could hardly admit to visits from a Felcan, he would probably have never heard of them and would thing she was insane. She had no credible answer so offered none, anything she said would likely incriminate her.

“I lock my door let no one in uninvited. The way you all rushed in and attacked my house without my leave or invitation, is that a way to make a woman feel safe? No, it fucking isn’t.”

“I am sorry Miss Hilt, but I have genuine concerns for your safety. Would you consider moving to a hotel in town for a few days?”

“What? No I wouldn’t. I want you to leave. I am going to go away for a few days, to stay with a friend, so you don’t have to worry. Just leave.”

“Which friend Miss Hilt? We will need a name, address and phone number in case we need to contact you with any developments.”

“No you don’t because I am not interested in any developments, I shall not go to court if you ever find the man who did this to me, I shall not make any statements, in fact, my memory of the day is already blurry, so no, just go and take your boys with you. Leave me the fuck alone.”

“I am sorry Miss Hilt, but your complaint cannot be withdrawn, and you cannot take back your statement. You will be required to attend court and testify, you will have no choice in that matter. This isn’t just a matter of alleged rape anymore, this is now a murder enquiry, and no one can just pretend a murder hasn’t happened and make it all go away.”

Her mind was racing, she obviously knew about the boy’s death, she had lived it through Eldred’s memories, but she obviously was supposed to know nothing about it. How to react?

She reacted by screaming and falling in a heap onto her settee, hitting it with clenched fists, crying out that she could have been killed and wouldn’t know. She hoped that this was normal. She reached out with her senses to gauge his reactions. She knew that she was not being very successful.

Chris Bentley looked down at her convinced he was watching a performance. Nothing in what she had said or done had seemed in any way natural or spontaneous, it had all seemed measured and calculated. She had ignored every question about the cat, and that worried him. The early reports were that there were large cat prints in and around the Mission, something Leopard or Panther sized they had said. They had found black hairs that had been sent away for analysis. Interestingly there had been no sign of the clothing that he and Jackson had seen in there. The examination of the Mission and surrounds were ongoing. It was just strange that there were suddenly what looked like black cat hairs all over her settee when only a day before there had been absolutely none. Nothing about this case made any kind of sense.

“Miss Hilt, I need you to accompany me to the station for your own protection, you really are not safe here.”

“Are you arresting me?”

“No, I simply have questions that need answering, and I have grave concerns for your safety if you stay here.” He wished he had grounds for arrest, or even for taking her into protective custody, but he knew that as things were at the moment he had nothing that would stand up to a custody sergeant, never mind court, and that any half competent solicitor would have her released in minutes. He hoped that he could get her co-operation, or, with luck, that she would slip in something that she said that would prove complicity, then he could arrest her.

“I am not going to your police station, I am not going to answer your questions, I know nothing nor wish to know anything about a murder, it obviously did not happen in my house, nor, as you already examined it, was my car involved. You obviously suspected me from the moment I came in to report my attack. So, it is obvious to everyone that you are not to be trusted. No. I have nothing to add.” She walked past him and went up to her bedroom.

He followed her upstairs, he would not leave it like this. As he entered her room to begin further remonstrations she removed her robe and stood naked before him.

“Get the fuck out of my bedroom you bastard” she screamed at him. Bentley admitted defeat. He went back downstairs, ‘Don’t you move” he said to the uniform by her front door, and went outside and phoned the DCI.

“No dice sir. No sign of him in her house, but extensive signs of a cat which is odd, because there weren’t any there yesterday. There is something that she is hiding, but I couldn’t get her to let it slip. She answers questions with shouts and swears a lot. I want a uniform stationed at her front door 24 x 7 sir.”

He went back to the uniformed PC stood in her doorway. “Shut the door after me. When she chucks you out, and she will, you are to stand here on her doorstep. Whatever happens you are not to move further than the edge of her property and you are to keep her door in sight at all times. You will be relieved later, and you are to report anything unusual to me, straight away. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir.”

He walked down the path and sat in his car thinking over and replaying the events in his mind. He hadn’t been sat there long when the door opened and the uniform stepped out, a still naked Vanessa Hilt slamming the door to behind him.